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horizontal rat cage setup with rats
By Inga Hadley 10 Aug, 2023
Purchasing your first rat cage can be stressful. Knowing how big of a cage to get, what factors matter most, and not wanting to experience buyer's regret can quickly take the fun out of an exciting venture! We cover all the information you need to make an informed decision to buy the best cage for you and your rats, and create a fun, engaging setup for them!
white rat in a bonding scarf
By Inga Hadley 31 Jul, 2023
A five step process for bonding with your new pet rats! Learn how to bond with your new pets on their level and personality type.
rat in a hat eating a treat
By Inga Hadley 02 Sep, 2021
Tired of spending way too much money on stuff your rat destroys almost instantaneously? We've compiled a list of the best places to get cheap rat toys and foraging material for your active rats!
black and white rat laying on a plastic castle
By Inga Hadley 30 Aug, 2021
Having trouble keeping your rats cool during a heatwave? We've compiled 10 tips and tricks to help you keep the heat off your beloved rats to keep them comfortable, cool, and safe.
grey mouse sitting on a log
By Inga Hadley 21 Feb, 2021
Think rats and mice are the same animal? Think again! Here we cover the main differences that separate a fancy mouse from a fancy rat.
gray rex rat eating a treat in a cage
By Inga Hadley 07 Dec, 2020
Like many living beings, one of the ways to a rat’s heart is through its stomach! Learn which treats are best for your pet rats, and which should be left out of the treat bag.
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